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Yaoi Pictures


The team hit 50,000 today! 

big thanks to everyone who supports and contributes to the blog– from the hot stories and pics, to the questions, comments, and notes. 

Thanks to the literate members of the team— the story writers— follow them for more good stuff: curiousjosh6611mygiftforhimselcs, molycakestopguy4hrymusclpkgelnino4ya.  

I make a point of checking the dashboard every couple days and following all the top supporters of the blog. Here are a couple of the hottest: tigga0123my-mazz-postscaptain-only-mezanechris69

And last but not least, a big shout out to an all around great guy and Coach’s top supporter JC naughtytodd

I just finished a summer coaching gig and I’m headed to the mountains. To celebrate the team hitting 50,000 (and because I’ll have no internet) the next 10 days or so will be a countdown of the blog’s 100 most popular posts. 

Thanks for keeping it fun.

Train hard. Stay hard. -Coach